3 Reasons to Switch to Floor Scrubbers

3 Reasons to Switch to Floor Scrubbers

If you don’t already clean your business's floors, you should start. If you do not already use floor scrubbers you should look into it. If you manage the cleaning and maintenance of a warehouse, school, hospital, office building, fitness center, or any other large facility and you are not already acquainted with floor scrubbers, then put down your push mops and allow us to introduce you to their many wonders.


How big is your facility? A small floor scrubber can easily handle 13,000+ square feet of cleaning in an hour. Midrange to large scrubbers can fall anywhere between 50,000 - 100,000 square feet in an hour. Think of all of the man-hours you save with a floor scrubber even in a smaller facility man-hours can be fractioned into man-minutes.

Maybe efficiency isn't your concern, cleanliness should still be a priority in your workplace. The health of your employees and clients is greatly affected by cleanliness. And the perception of your business is improved by cleanliness as well. No mop and broom compare to the scrubbing and sweeping power generated by a floor scrubber. With the proper chemicals and some water, you will see your floors cleaner than ever before. Your team will never want to go back to tiring their arms to get that perfect shiny floor.

Money Savings
This goes back to efficiency, but the benefit is incredible and worthy of distinction. Over a year floor scrubbers can save you hundreds to thousands of man-hours. This means less money spent on labor which benefits the bottom line.

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