Tomcat Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers

ServiceStar is proud to carry Tomcat. Tomcat has built a reputation for providing tough and well-engineered machines at a great value.



The MicroMini battery floor scrubber design is compact and simple. With intuitive controls minimal operator training is required for your cleaning staff to achieve exceptional results. The MicroMini's durable construction means many years of dependable service and minimal repairs. Available in Traction Assist, this small auto scrubber can accommodate modest budgets while offering impressive performance.



The Sport heavy duty floor scrubber is a small battery floor scrubber that puts a lot of cleaning power in a small package. With your choice between two control systems, a variety of environments and operator skill levels can be accommodated.

Built on a welded steel chassis with a 3-stage vacuum motor, the Sport floor scrubber bests all others in its class. Its durable construction is evident in every aspect of the machine. Just park it next to a different brand and see the quality and durability. Your choice of 3 different styles of scrub decks mean you will get the clean you need.



The Carbon platform offers more runtime and tank capacities than its smaller brother the Sport. We offer the Carbon walk behind scrubber with 3 different styles of scrub decks and each in 2 different sizes. The new 1-piece stainless steel squeegee and scrub deck designs ensure the investment in quality will afford customers a lower cost of ownership.

The traditional disk scrub deck offers the widest selection of brushes or pads and can even be equipped with diamond polishing tools. The cylindrical deck brings superior cleaning to grout lines in ceramic floors. Our innovative Edge scrub decks are a favorite with schools, hospitals and grocery stores which utilize VCT tiles and floor finish wax for premium floor shine.



The Hero is a heavy-duty floor scrubber designed for very high productivity. 30 gallons of solution capacity and up to 5 hours of run time allow the cleaning of large facilities quickly. With 3 choices of deck styles, we can accommodate virtually any floor and soil combination. With all 3 decks, disk, cylindrical and the EDGE® orbital deck, mating the right brush or pad with your deck will give you unparalleled results.

Big cleaning jobs require big performance. This means the largest puncture proof tires and casters in the Hero’s class, driven by an oversized transaxle to help the machine move effortlessly for the operator. A stainless-steel squeegee with high performance Linatex blades dries the floor better than the rest. This leaves your floors clean and dry in a short amount of time.



The Tomcat CRZ high performance ride on scrubber is our most adaptive ride on scrubber driers. The flexibility comes from its narrow frame, 34” and large capacity 33-gallon solution tank. This allows the machine to fit through a standard 36” doorways which allows entry into classrooms, labs, gymnasiums, community event areas, group assembly places and other spaces you would find in schools, hospitals and health care facilities.

The CRZ floor scrubber offers simple quiet operation in standard mode and its operating sound level are reduced further by operating in economy mode, which also extends run time. Low noise and optimized water control are key features our healthcare customers require. The vacuum motor is protected by our patented vac box system that arrests foam and excessive recovery water should it pass the automatic shut off in the recovery tank. With our patented service cabinet, the operator can easily maintain the machine with crucial maintenance items located in one area.



The HD is an industrial grade ride on floor scrubber made for large wide-open areas such as warehouses, and distribution centers. With the capability to clean up to 315,000 square feet per charge its productivity is impressive. With 65-gallons of solution capacity and deck sizes from 40” – 46” operators can clean larger areas in less time.

When using a battery ride on floor scrubber in the harshest cleaning environments, the scrubber needs to be built to withstand. The HD scrubber is purpose built with a 3/16” formed, welded and powder coated steel frame with integrated flip up steel bumper. Tall poly rollers and optional steel protective side doors for impact resistance. A break away stainless-steel squeegee, see through recovery lid, drain saver basket, stainless steel vac screen and patented vac box protection give the operator tools to operate the machine damage free.



Tomcat makes the most durable compact walk behind floor sweeper. With heavy-duty steel construction, these sweepers are built for sweeping in a variety of places. Equipped with a baghouse style filter like what is found on $300,000 street sweepers, the GT floor sweeper offers exceptional dust control and reduces your cost of ownership because the filter does not need regular replacement like a traditional panel or foam filter. You simply operate the filter shaker, and the dust and debris deposit into the hopper and can be easily disposed of. The sweeper will traverse nearly any hard surface easily with its oversized tires and heavy-duty caster that assure stable and consistent operation and cleaning.



The Tomcat VR ride on battery floor sweeper has a loyal following. With its high efficiency filtration system, direct throw broom and steel construction, it’s a work horse. The VR outperforms the competition in factories, foundries, mills, paper plants, warehouses and anywhere there is a lot of dust and light debris. The foundation of the VR heavy duty ride on sweeper is a heavy steel frame. This rigid construction holds the oversized batteries that power the sweeping and vacuum motor and keeps the self-adjusting sweeping broom flat to the floor for exceptional sweeping. The broom throws dust and debris into the steel hooper where it is collected. The high CFM vacuum fan pulls the air from the sweeping chamber up into a bag house filter where the air is filtered down to 2 microns. The dust is collected in the filter and then falls into the hopper for easy collection. The machine rides on heavy duty solid tires and is powered by a heavy-duty front drive. The dual side brooms allow cleaning up to the end of the wall.