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Ask A Pro - The Floor Scrubber Show

All About Squeegees

Squeegees are one of the most important pieces of equipment included with any industrial floor scrubber. The quality of your squeegee directly impacts the performance of your floor scrubber and its ability to provide you with a smooth and consistent cleaning experience. Therefore maintaining your squeegee, and replacing it when needed is paramount to an excellent cleaning experience.

What is a squeegee?

A squeegee is a hard but flexible rubber blade designed to create a seal on a flat surface that collects liquid that may be on said surface. Squeegees are included on any commercial or industrial floor scrubber in order to collect any water and cleaning solution put on the floor by the scrubber as the scrubber moves along. The squeegee system on a commercial floor scrubber like the ACE line has a built-in vacuum system so that as water and other liquids are collected by the squeegee they are quickly sucked into the machine leaving a flawlessly dry floor behind you.

Proper Squeegee Maintenance

One of the easiest steps you can take in squeegee maintenance is ensuring the blade is clean before and after each use. To do this simply raise the squeegee off of the floor and feel the blade with your hand removing any dirt or debris that may be left stuck to the squeegee, this will ensure a consistent seal with each use.

The next thing to do is to ensure proper squeegee adjustment. The blade should be set so that as it passes along the floor it slightly fans out across the length of the blade so that complete suction is maintained. If the squeegee is straight up and down a proper seal may not be achieved and streaking may occur.

If you ever notice streaking while your floor scrubber is in use immediately stop and ensure that your blade is adjusted properly and that all debris has been moved from it.

What to do when my squeegee wears out.

When the blade of the squeegee starts to dull and streaking occurs even when the blade is properly cleaned and set – don't panic, you have options. Every floor scrubber squeegee comes with four sharp edges. When the first edge wears out you can remove the blade and turn it around using the edge on the back. Once that edge wears you can then flip the blade upside down and then have two more sharp edges.

By prioritizing squeegee maintenance and employing prudent strategies for extending their lifespan, users can ensure a consistently impeccable cleaning experience.

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