The ACE 28R Floor Scrubber

The ACE 28R Floor Scrubber

This is the ACE 28R floor scrubber. The 28R has a 28 inch deck and a 39 inch squeegee as well as a 29 gallon solution tank and a 32 gallon recovery tank. It is the smaller of the two ACE ride-on floor scrubbers but it sports quite a few desirable features. It has an easily removable squeegee that can be flipped to improve its longevity. The squeegee also automatically raises when in reverse to prevent it from being harmed. There is also a convenient water level indicator on your tank and a solution control dial.

Just like all of our ACE floor scrubbers the 28R has an excellent and easy to use operating panel. This panel includes an emergency stop, a tortoise - hare speed control, a switch to put your scrubber in drive or reverse and finally a battery voltage indicator.

The specifications of our 28R include a 28-inch deck consisting of two 14-inch brushes or pad drivers that are easily replaceable. The squeegee at the back measures 39 inches, providing a 9-inch overlap to ensure thorough water removal from the floor. Equipped with AGM batteries, the machine offers a charge time of 6 to 8 hours. With a productivity rate of approximately 50,000 square feet per hour, the 28R floor scrubber is ideal for facilities of 50,000 square feet or less.

Other notable features include:

  • Eco Mode: Reducing vacuum noise by about 30-40%, this mode is suitable for quiet environments or overnight operations.
  • Speed Control: Choose between "rabbit" for faster operation and "turtle" for slower movement up to 3 MPH.
  • Live Voltage Reading: The dashboard provides a live voltage reading of your batteries, offering valuable operational insights.
  • Headlight: Convenient for dimly lit areas.
  • Strobe light: for higher visibility when in reverse

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