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Kodiak K16

Kodiak K16

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This machine is a refurbished Kodiak K16, with a 26-inch disc scrub head. Manufactured in the United States, Kodiak floor machines are designed to function under any conditions. Wearable parts have been tested and replaced as needed. Machines have been extensively tested for function and performance to ensure satisfactory results.

Reduce the cost to clean with the K16 Floor Scrubber. Maintain cleanliness in Warehouses, Fitness Facilities, Fabrication Shops, and other applications. The scrub brushes are installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between application’s needs. The squeegee blades can be rotated or flipped without tools. Ensure complete cleaning in a variety of sized applications with a reliable scrubber.

Key features:

  • 26 inch scrub deck
  • Disk driver
  • 16 gallon solution tank
  • 16 gallon recovery tank
  • Steel frame
  • Battery indicator
  • Tool-free scrub brush installment
  • Durable construction
  • Simple design
  • Read more about our refurbishing process below:

    What is the difference between buying a used machine versus a SERVICESTAR certified reconditioned machine?

    There is actually a big difference between the two. When you hear the word "reconditioned," you may think of something pre-owned. A pre-owned used machine is exactly how it sounds. A machine that was used by someone else without the knowledge of it working properly or not. However, there is so much more that goes into reconditioning a machine at SERVICESTAR. Our goal when reconditioning a unit is to bring the function as close to brand new as possible. 

    Our refurbished machines adhere to a strict refurbishment program and the work is performed by factory trained technicians. We focus on quality control standards to ensure the equipment exceeds your expectations.

    All equipment is restored to fully operational condition through a rigorous 5-step process:

    • Inspection: All equipment is inspected for electronics, electro mechanics and hydraulic operations.
    • Disassembly: Every unit is disassembled for thorough inspection and cleaning.
    • Replacement of Suspect Parts: All electronic boards, power supplies and electronic components are tested and replaced if needed. Valves, cables, squeegees, solution and recovery lines and other worn parts are replaced to guarantee top performance of the refurbished equipment.
    • Reassembly and Testing: The equipment is then reassembled and tested on the floor to ensure optimal performance.

    To ensure a thorough job is done, each machine takes on average 15 to 30 hours to recondition.

    Meter Reading: 240.2
    Serial Number: 166754

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